Gardener Tips For Over Watering

In our post today, we want to show you that it is not always ideal to water the better, as this can harm our garden or plants. In this case, we will show you some of the consequences that excess water can have, thanks to the knowledge of the leading gardener in Barcelona, Area Verde.

Lately, we have found a beginner or amateur gardener who wants to manage the irrigation of their gardens or plants themselves in cities such as Barcelona. On these occasions (and especially in summer, temperatures rise, and the soil dries faster), it usually rewards the fact of excessive watering, for that reason of “healing in health.” Below, some of the consequences of going in this direction.

To begin with, we will say that, in case of doubt, against what may seem to the inexperienced, it is better to keep short than to go. In the first case, we will always be in time to water more, if we see that it is necessary. In the second, if we have flooded too much, there will be no possibility of going backward. What happens in these cases is that the roots also need oxygen and, if we “puddle” the earth, the water occupies the space that it should be for oxygen. It does not make sense to have a good soil, which is oxygenated if then the roots cannot dispose of it because of the water. A good gardener never irrigates excessively, since the roots can rot.

Gardener’s Advice To Know If The Earth Is Wet

A tip to be sure about whether the soil in our garden is damp or not is to put your finger in it, a few centimeters, since the surface, sometimes dries very quickly. In this case, we will know if, inside the earth, it is still wet, which will indicate that there is no need to water it more. In this sense, clay soils are very harmful, which a gardener would never recommend.

We must also take into account, when planning irrigation, certain aspects of the land itself, the location of the garden (Barcelona is not the same as Madrid), drainage, etc. The variation of any of these factors will also vary the amount and frequency of water that can be applied to the garden or plant.