Landscaping Exterior Villa With Printed Concrete And Natural Stone In Roadways Installation Lighting And Irrigation Garden

Cover the entrance way to the chalet with imprinted concrete of approximately 200 m2, which is covered with concrete. As well as passage areas and exterior garage. (Approximately 200 m2 that are rough) you will need excavator shovel to level. ) Restive wall with natural stone. Carry roads with natural stone. (Approximately 50 linear meters) Make Garden with grass with preparation and installation of irrigation and lighting. Pool passage area with concrete block.

Design Garden

Garden design: the house facade measures about 23 meters, being a total of a 2000m garden, the house has a lot of water with its springs, the climate is cold in winter and hot in summer, it needs shade and grass. Also, it is not very expensive to maintain. I hope your information soon and as you say free and without commitment